•  2019 popular somrt INonline inkjet printing machine
2019 popular somrt INonline inkjet printing machine

Product Introduction

Product description

2019 Automatic Touch Screen Type Inkjet Printing Machine for All Variety of Package in factory is convenient to operate Chinese, English, Number, Date, Time, QR Code, Bar Code, Picture on variety of product package,which is widely use in all walks of life,in order to offer a wonderful experience for our customers , we will send an operation file and videos to users.

Brand Name

Somrt (OEM)




Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Korean (other languages can be customized)

Input Method

Pinyin, Five-stroke, Handwriting (Other Country Input Method can be installed)






Screen size

7 inch

screen type

Touch screen

Data Editing

Touch Screen System Input

External Interface

Power Supply Interface, Sensor/Foot Switch Interface, USB Transfer Interface, USB Optical Disk Interface

Operating Voltage


Effective print width


Effective printing height

Single head:12.7mm

Speed of printing



300-600 DPI

Printing Lines

Arbitrary Lines in 12.7mm Height Range

Minimum characters

0.8mm (English numerals, Chinese 2 mm or more)

Sprinkler expansion


The number of files stored

1. Ordinary documents: 100+

2. Number of segments: 1-15

3. Variable database: (not yet available)

Free standard accessories

Black cartridge,U-disk,USB data line,charger,Sensor/Foot Switch,power adapter, teaching CD, installation tool

Extensible hardware


Wireless Mouse, Wireless Keyboard, Alarm lamp , Encoder ,synchronous counter


basic function


Text, graphics, production date, valid date, two-dimensional code, bar code, serial number



default song style, dot matrix, and dot matrix font generation function, self-adjustable point radius, pitch, slope, etc.


Automatic Spray Printing

Production Date, Valid Date, Sequence Number, Count, Batch Number

Sequence number

1-8 bits (increment, decrement, number of steps)

Variable data

barcode, two-dimensional code, text, pattern (not yet available)

Variable data production

TXT, Excel, word, graphics converted into data and imported into equipment by U disk printing (not yet)

Ink properties

fast drying (for non-permeable materials), water-based (for permeable materials)

Ink color

Black, White, Red, Blue ,green and Yellow

Ink capacity


Extensible functions

1. Presupposition information, bar code or two-dimensional code, decoding (extracting) information by scanning gun and printing
2. Multiple barcodes or two-dimensional codes, which are decoded (extracted) by sweeping codes and combined with each other, are commonly called "four-code-in-one" or "multi-code-in-one".
3. Sweep-and-spray, i.e. decode-and-print, or convert to other content-print.
4. Extensible electronic scales, i.e. spraying

More functions, but also waiting for you to explore!


1)Efficient and time saving

2) Fully automatic 7 inches touch screen

3)High effective to accelerate printing without malfunction 

4)Adopting advanced world famous brand components electric parts and operation parts.

5) Offer professional consultation and after sales service for free

6)Complete accessories; printer, ink cartridge, foot switch, power adapter, power cord, USB,teaching CD,       installation tool

7)Offer expand hardware like encoder,synchronous counter,mouse,alarm lamp,keyboard,etc

8)Multiple printing tape :QR code,Bar code,Text,Number,Date code,Picture,etc

9)Factory direct sales, the system is more perfect

10)Support OEM/ODM,you can adjust interface and appearance freely

11)warehouse is fully stocked, customers are welcome to visit at any time.


Q1: Are you  have own factory ?
We have established factory since 2011. We are located in Guangzhou ,China.

Q2: Could you help me to operate the machine ?

Sure ,we will send you an operation file and some videos to show how to use it.

Q3: Can user hp 2580 ink ?
You can use it ,We use hp45 ink cartridge, 2580 belongs to one of the models of 45 ink cartridge, we use the iq800 made in Japan, the quality of iq800 ink is better than 2580, but the price is need more expensive.


Q4: Do you support OEM/ODM?
Yes,we can develop the styles base on customer's requirement.


Q5: Can this ink be refilled?
If you use for date code .you can use it so long about 20000times,you also can buy more ink box  which we will offer for replace.


Q6:can you offer the stand and the detective and conveyor?

if you buy this product,we will offer stand and detective for free ,but if you also want to have conveyor,you need to pay more.

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